AAUW-Sussex (NJ) 2022-2023 Board Members

President:  Sharon Mullen

Program Vice President:   Elaine Freda                          

Membership Vice President:   Rebecca Mears

Secretary:    Clare Hofmann

Treasurer :        Lynn Beckmann

Cultural Series Chairs:
Open to All Members who want to lead a Special Interest or Cultural Event

Educational Foundation: Margaret Anderson

STEM Chair:  

Public Policy:  

Publicity Chair:  Rebecca Mears

Hospitality Chair:  sign up sheet for meetings

Book Club:  Lynn Beckmann

Women’s Leadership Adult Educational Programs Books/Films Chair:  Sharon Mullen

Bylaws: Carol Holmelund and Marg Anderson

College University Relations : Margaret Anderson

Community  Connection Liaison: 

International Affairs: 

AAUW Fund Campaign Administrator: Sharon Mullen

Virtual Programs:  

Webmaster:  Sharon Mullen

Communications/Publicity: Margaret Anderson

Diversity: Sylvia Montero

Branch AAUW – AAUW-NJ Program, Grant, Charitable Trust Proposal Chair:
Carol Holmelund

Immediate Past President:  Linda Adams

Tech Trek Committee Chairs: Rina Maslow & Clare Hofmann (Sussex County)
Rebecca Mears (Warren County)