Current Events

Calendar 2023-2024

August 26th  Women’s Equality Day

September 9th  meeting and lunch to follow  Theme :Our Educational Journey”

September 27th  Book Club  “Mother Daughter Traitor Spy” by Susan Elia MacNeal host Rina Maslow  1:00 pm

Meet with Centenary/SCCC affiliates  TBA

October 14th  meeting 10:00 am  lunch to follow    speaker Tech Trek student

Kick off of Sussex County AAUW Scholarship fundraiser

October (date TBA) Collaboration/meeting   with Centenary University/SCCC

October 25th Book Club   1:00 pm    host Sharon Mullen

November 11th  10:00 am meeting  Speaker  Linda Barth “Inventions of New Jersey” lunch to follow

November 29th  1:00 pm Book Club

December  Holiday luncheon and fundraiser  host Lynn Beckman  date TBA

January 13th meeting  10:00 am lunch to follow

January 24th   1:00 pm Book Club

February 13th Statewide AAUW Service Program

February 20th  AAUW Sussex County trip to Newark Museum of Art and lunch

February 28th 1:00 pm Book Club

March meeting 10:00 am followed by lunch

March   interview candidates for Tech Trek /  Stem camp for 8th grade girls

March Trip to Thomas Edison Museum lunch to follow

March 27th 1:00 pm Book Club

April 13th  State AAUW meeting

CTAUN  NYC United Nations  date TBA

April  SCCC Foundation 100 Women Project breakfast and awards ceremony  date TBA

April 24th 1:00 pm Book club

May  (Date TBA)  Baby Shower collaboration with Newton Hospital Auxiliary 12:30 Bella Italia Restaurant  (Bring baby items birth to 6 months)

May 18th meeting 10:00 am  lunch to follow   Reorganization/Officer Induction

May NCCWSL   National Conference for College Women Student leaders  University of Maryland

May 31st   1:00 pm Book Club

June  Sussex County AAUW annual picnic    date TBA

July Tech Trek STEM camp for girls grade 8 – Stockton University